viernes, 8 de octubre de 2010

and now my own bread from the course

I was quite busy lately traveling because of work and this has had an effect in my baking bread. I made a few breads since I come back from Spain but I didn't post any since then. So today I'm going to put one, and starting from the first.

As Lidia said, we took part of this course in Madrid, making bread with sourdough. Very interesting, we learnt a few things and made a bread each one. I wasn't close to my house either (even farther away than Lidia) so I went to my friends house, ask for permission to use their fridge and cook the bread a few hours later. The result, lovely, good enough as they bread didn't survive that night. The best compliment was from Pau, as he said it reminded him the bread he used to eat in France. Me, very happy.

Here there are a few pictures so you can judge. The recipe it is the same Lidia put in the previous post.