miércoles, 24 de noviembre de 2010

Yeeeha! Here I come! A new version of Juan Carlos´scones. I used brown sugar and walnuts instead of raisins. And so we had yummy walnut scones and carne de membrillo for breakfast. Juan Carlos, thank you for showing Lidia how to make scones, and thanks to you Lidia, for those wonderful summer days in which we baked together.

See ya!

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  1. Almudenaaaaa! I was looking forward to hearing from you. Now this blog is complete and makes sense. You see, we changed title from 'Cork' to 'Belfast'. Well, this is life. The best of all is that wonderful scones can be made wherever you are if you have the right attitude.
    Juan Carlos will be proud he was an inspiration for you too.
    Bueno, temo que mi inglés sea un poco lamentable comparado con el de vosotros los nativos trasplantados, pero yo no me arrugo.

    Y una última cosa: ¡hay que ver que están buenos los scones estos!

  2. finally finally! good to see you around almu! and your scones! they look fantastic and sure they didn't last longer after that picture.
    Looking forward to see more post from you. now you have to enlighten us with your recipes, what about some canadian or granada breads? I promise to make the famous belfast baps, soon!
    Btw, you are more than welcome to visit me here in belfast, it'd be nice to see you again