sábado, 24 de marzo de 2012

Roscos de Naranja

These are the traditional roscos, very popular in Granada this time of year. They are easy to make and quite healthy.

3 eggs.
3Tbs olive oil, heated and then cooled.
3 Tbs sugar.
3 Tbs orange juice.
4 Tbs baking powder.
White flour.

How you make them:
First of all, you separate yolk and white. You beat the whites and mix yolks with sugar. When whites are hardened, you incorporate them to the mixture of yolks, sugar, olive oil and orange juice. Don´t forget to add the baking powder to that mixture.
Then you sift the flour in, little by little, till you feel the mixture has turned into a soft dough you can work with.
You shape the roscos and fry them in very hot olive oil. When they are done, you take away any extra oil by placing them on kitchen paper and cover them with sugar.

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  1. Orange juice..., so interesting..., and how much flour do you have to use? Is there a specific amount or you just have to add until you have the dough texture you want?