lunes, 16 de abril de 2012

Mediterranean sun dried tomato bread

The best bread I ever ate was Éric Kayser's tomato bread. You just needed nothing else to take with it, so tasty and nutritious it was. Since I had that bread some years ago, I've been thinking about preparing my own tomatoe bread. Finally, the moment came last weekend. I prepared this recipe from Dan Lepard's white leaven bread but adding some Spanish olive oil and sun dried tomatoes. I love the result, with that tasty and moist crumb. And it was a great success at the office too.


675 gr. strong white flour
440 gr. cold water
290 gr. white leaven (sourdough)
80 gr. sun dried tomatoes chopped
25 gr.Spanish extra virgin olive oil
15 gr. salt

First fermentation took about three hours and a half, with one folding. After shaping in a big loaf, the dough rested for another four hours. I baked it for 60 minutes and after that cooled it on a rack. Well, it's not the bread you need when you are in a hurry, but waiting is worth it.

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