domingo, 2 de septiembre de 2012

maple syrup and blueberry buttermilk scones

If you read my last post yesterday, I made not only the loaf but home made dill and gomasio butter. And as you probably know, when making butter cream you get buttermilk too.

So I decided to use the buttermilk to make always tasty scones. this time, with maple syrup and fresh bluberries. Here is the recipe:

- 500g of self rising white flour
- 50g caster sugar
- 160g slightly salty butter
- 100ml buttermilk
- 125ml maple syrup
- 100g blueberries

Mixed first the flour and the sugar and add the butter mixed well with the flour until it resembles breadcrumbs. Apart, mixed well the buttermilk with the maple syrup and added to the flour mix together with the blueberries. then cut them with a pastry cutter, some beaten egg in the top and oven at 200C for 15 min.

just after the oven...

nutty smell and flavour from the maple syrup

Quite interesting scones because of the maple syrup. the dough was compact and brown and all the house smelt toasted syrup but the result wasn't to strong, just enough. Buttermilk gave that particular flavour and what to say about the blueberries? well, probably my favourite ingredient in scones and muffins. Try them, you will see how easy it is and you can't avoid eat 2 or 3 in a row (well, that was me, but who wouldn't be having warm scones right there in front?

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  1. Bueno, bueno, bueno... ¡Tienen una pinta como para morirse! El mundo de los scones es una fuente de placer inacabable, por lo que veo.