viernes, 22 de abril de 2011

Sourdough pancakes

There's no mystery at all in this recipe. I've been feeding my sourdough this week because I want to bake some loaves for weekend. You know that adding more and more flour and water each time might get you in troube if you didn't throw some of the dough away. But that's a part of the process I've always felt unconfortable with. First, because I can still hear my mother telling me, when I was a child, "food can't go to the dustbin, you know how many children are starving all around the world right now?". Beside this, your sourdough is something alive you care about, that's why you feed it from time to time with the best flour you can find and put into the fridge to let it rest. Don't you think it's a little bit psychopathic to treat it like trash? What to do then?

This morning I was in a very good mood and decided to change my sourdough leftover's fate. Instead of putting it into the dustbin, I put it into the frying pan and made some pancakes with it. I added some Irish salted butter and tomato jam. Anglo-Saxon and Mediterranean at the same time. What else?

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  1. It is great to hear that you were in a very good mood on Friday morning! I made sourdough pancakes once, but the flavour seemed to be too strong for my children. Any advice to make the flavour a little bit softer?

  2. The longer time sourdough spends in the fridge, the stronger it tastes. If you refresh it several times before, whether you use it for the pancakes or for baking bread, taste will be softer.

    You could also try to add some syrup (maple, perhaps?) to the dough before frying. And after too, if you are of the sweetmouth kind...