jueves, 12 de agosto de 2010

And Sourdough was born

And sourdough was born. It happened suddenly and unexpectedly. Yes, we had all the conditions and tools but we didn't expect such a quick result. We were prepared to be feeding our mix of flour and water  for four days, but after the first one it was already there. Bubbling, growing and spreading that incredible flavour. It was almost ready but it was too soon, we had to have patience and not try to make bread from the very first moment. Our head was finally stronger than our feelings: deadlines must be respected. This is something that making sourdough bread teaches you and it's one of the best gifts this experience brings to you.

Sourdough Connection. Three friends in three different parts of the world, Madrid and Granada in Spain, and Cork in Ireland, linked not only by friendship but also by willing to share breads, and bread recipes and experiences and even more (don't worry, everything will be about cooking). We have to say sorry to Almudena, one of the three, because she doesn't know yet. But she will.

Next step will be the birth of the first bread. While waiting for the sourdough to be ready, we tried baking some breads using fresh yeast (Polish, by the way) and mixing different flours: first one, spelt, wholemeal and rye.

we used polish fresh yeast this time, good one

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