lunes, 16 de agosto de 2010

Bertinet and Stevens

All day raining in dublin, summer is over in Ireland and autumn and winter is ideal to stay at home reading and making breads. After work I spent some time in a bookshop near the restaurant in city center and of course I bought two books: temptation is too big inside there. One of the books is a well know but I didn't have it: Dough - Simple Contemporary Bread by Richard Bertinet , nice book with very good pictures and a good introduction about how to make bread. Then a quite few recipes. Very interesting with simple explanations. There is a dvd enclose with the book where bertinet explains in a 30 min video how to make bread. Very useful specially for those, like me, who are very visual.

The second one I bought today is Bread by Daniel Stevens, from the River Cottage. I have to confess that I had no idea about this book, the author or the River Cottage, but they very interesting. River Cottage have different projects, courses, a local produce store of food and drinks, books and dvd, a canteen, all with a philosophy of self-sufficiency, food integrity, and consumption of local, seasonal produce.Take a look at their website. The book is impregnated with these principles. It has a good and big introduction about how to make bread, lots of practical information, including how to make a clay oven and a good selection of different recipes. All in a beautiful and very handy handbook.

Looking forward to read the books and practice some of the recipes but as I said before, now it's the time to do it as the cold and rainy seasons are coming.

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  1. Es verdad que este libro de Bertinet es muy, práctico, muy visual y planteado para poder sacar mucho partido de masas básicas.

    Yo he hecho el pain de campagne, que me gusta mucho, y la fougasse, que me quedó mucho menos aparente que las suyas, pero rica de sabor.