viernes, 24 de diciembre de 2010

blueberry scones

Freezing temperatures in Belfast (I am talking about minus 13). Very cold, although very beautiful at the same time. The snow from last week is still all around, not going anywhere, although became into ice. But it is white christmas.

So we these temperatures we can not really do much outside and we really want to be inside
with your heating on. And with a tea, and something with the tea. And what better than a nice and just baked scones.

I made these scones using buttermilk for the first time. I have to say that I liked what I got: powerful aroma, something between yogurt and cheese; the dough was quite moist and not easy to work with, but the result was very soft and tender scones. I add this time some blueberries. Gives a nice flavor but especially a wonderful color. Most of the blueberries break after baking and spread the blue color. You can eat them only with your eyes. Judge yourself.


450 g self rising white flour
100 g caster sugar
1/2 tsp salt
175 g butter
250 ml buttermilk
150 g fresh blueberries

I mixed the dry ingredients and the added the butter and mixed until the consistency was similar to breadcrumbs. Then I added the buttermilk and mixed well. you don't have to work the dough much but be sure that all the ingredients are mix well and the dough is even. I made eight scones with the dough, cut them with a glass, and brushed the top with buttermilk. Oven preheated at 220 degrees and baked for 17 minutes.

I couldn't help eating one. So put the kettle, made a nice tea and spread some butter on top of each half when they were still warm.

Just a perfect evening. Almudena, as you like scones so try this recipe or just add some berries to the recipe you already has.

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  1. An afternoon "with a tea and something with the tea" is one of the nicest ways I can imagine to spend some moments in life. Of course, not everyone is ready to understand this...
    Scones look lovely, Juan. And I adore that golden butter than I have to try sooner or later.

  2. we will do a few of those "tea and scones" very soon lidia, just in a couple of weeks, i am really looking forward.
    next time we have to bring our blog mate Almudena and do a baking session in the irish land the 3 of us...