sábado, 25 de diciembre de 2010

walnut and chestnut bread

Happy Christmas! Today I didn't work, as most of the people, and I have a really lazy day, not doing nothing, except for going for a walk, cook dinner and...bake a bread! And as Lidia but not on propose I baked as well a walnut and chestnut bread, although I think with no the same result. My bread didn't rise much and I think because I put to much walnuts and chestnut. Other thing that happened: the crust was to hard, the times were the same that I used before for this kind of bread but it looked that I overcooked it. Too crunchy. Anyway, the flavour was nice and I enjoyed the bread.

300 g sourghdough
375 g white flour
110 g water
10 g salt
60 g walnuts
60 g chestnuts

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