viernes, 14 de enero de 2011


picture by Romain Guy

Ok lads, new year, same blog but with some news. As I said in the last post, Lidia visited me last week here in Belfast for a few days. We had a fantastic time and even if we didn't bake any bread we were talking about bread almost everyday.

I came with a idea to spark the blog this year. Each one of us is going to propose with an ingredient, a technique or a type of bread (or any other baked product) so the three of us (and anybody else who want to join us will be more than welcome) has to bake with that ingredient, technique, etc that month.

As I came with the idea, Lidia told me that I should be the first one. Fair enough. So for January I thought that it'd be a nice start use one ingredient that it is not very common in bread but I am sure all of us enjoy: tea. Like bread, tea is a whole world (and I'd say a whole universe in this country).

So let's start thinking in what are we going to bake. I will post mine during the weekend, it is already in the fridge. And Almudena and Lidia, I am looking forward to see what you will propose for the following months.

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  1. I have something in mind already... but still have to specify the idea. By the way, what's the prize?

    Bienvenido al blog, Jorge. Nos encantará recibir tus comentarios.