domingo, 9 de enero de 2011

Tourism, the rugby match and the bread

Lidia came this weekend to visit me in Belfast. Very happy. We did loads of things and had a great time. Yesterday we went to the botanic gardens, including the glass house and the Ulster Museum.

But we did some gastronomic tourism and of course some bread was target. St. George Market runs on Fridays, Saturday and Sundays, and basically you can find different kind of foods, from curry to sausages to fresh fish and meat to paella. But many of these tends are baking ones. Scones, tarts, cakes, and all different kind of breads: some from ireland and the north, like Irish soda or potato bread and international ones like focaccia or baguettes. Our eyes went straight to a sourdough fig and cranberry loaf. You can see in this picture the shop and the owners, with all the different breads they sell. Special attention please to the blueberry scones at the bottom, they look amazing.

Back to the house, we rest for half and hour and went to one of the best times we spent together during this days: rugby match in Ravenhill. Ulster played with Benetton Treviso (we won, 32-13, go Ulster!) and had a amazing time there. First part was very good, second part a little more quiet and the third part (that's what you call after the match, when you basically drink beer) was maybe the funniest. We stayed in one of the stadium bars, chatting with different people, including some of the ulster rugby players.

Of course, after a few beers (just a few, I promise) we went back home starving, so we decided to attack the bread we bought in the morning, with some sardinian pecorino cheese that my friend Gianmaria gave to me a few days ago and roasted chestnut chutney. Check the pictures here. We ate them all.


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