miércoles, 2 de febrero de 2011


Second bread I baked today was some epis based in the recipe of Reinhart Pain de Campagne and I said based because I didn't use any paté fermenté but sourdough. I always wanted to try to bake an epi and now that I did it I realize how easy it is. Adding someyeast to the dough helps to reduce the the time of fermentation. So I did two fermentations, one of 2 hours and the second for 1 hour and the dough was ready for baking.

About the recipe: well, well, i follow at some point the recipe in Reinhart's book the bread baker's apprentice but as I said I used sourdough instead of paté fermenté. In the recipe he said after mixing all the ingredients, knead and add the flour you thinks it's necessary and that what I did. The problem is that finally I don't know how much I put and for so I m going to put here the ingredients but the quantities will be approximated. Sorry for this small confusion. especially because the bread was very good:

300-350g white strong flour
20g rye flour
20g wholemeal flour
120g white flour sourdough
6 g salt
3g quick yeast
175g water

After the second fermentation I cut the dough in 4 pieces, flatted them in rectangles and fold them in loaves, then made some baguettes and cut them with the scissors to make epis. it's easier than you think. Around 20 min in the oven at max. temperature the first 8 min (in my
case 240 degrees) and then at 180 degrees.

In the pics you might think they are together but there are for separate ones. I recommended
this bread if you have guess at home, they are very easy to do and your friends will be delighted with the flavour and the presentation!

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  1. Mmmm, no sé si termino de creerme que era la primera vez que tú hacías esto. Mis experiencias con panes de formas raras se limitan a la fougasse. Hice una vez la versión de Bertinet y es verdad que, incluso aunque no queden perfectas como me pasó a mí, funcionan muy bien con los invitados y con los niños, que nunca mienten.