miércoles, 2 de febrero de 2011

olive paste bread

Today when I woke up, Belfast was a sunny city, with a lovely blue sky. So I went for long walk, it is my day off, thought Ormeau park and the river and went to Lisburn road area where you can find lots of nice shops. I wanted to bake some breads, as since I moved to the new house I didn't any. So I bought some black olives to use them in a bread. By the way, in this delicatessen shop they sell a really nice sourdough baguettes. I always buy one when I go there.

The bread I baked it is basically the same recipe that Bertinet's olive bread. The only two different things are I used quick yeast in instead of fresh yeast and when he marinates the olive
paste, he uses provence herbs and I used fenugreek, as I didn't have the others and last sunday I bought in St. George's Market some fenugreek.

Here is the recipe:

400g strong white flour
100g rye flour
5g quick yeast
10g salt (i used pink salt from himalaya)
350g water
100g black olive paste with fenugreek
2 tbs olive oil

I kneaded the dough for about 12 min, then first fermentation for about 1 hour. After that, I divided the dough in 3 pieces, flatted them in rectangular shapes and spread in each one about 2 tbs of the olive paste. Then fold then into loaves. Another hour of resting and then cut down each one in the middle. Oven for 20 min at 240.

waiting for the oven

The result was a very nice bread for the eyes and for the mouth. They opened very good right in the middle and the olive paste gave a good contrast with the golden bread. Very soft crumb, mediterranean flavours although the fenugreek was too little. I might have to put more next time. First times is always good too little rather than too much.

mmm, a lonely mandarin

After half an hour sharp, Aoifa, Jason and me couldn't wait more time and ate 2 of the loaves with olive oil, sun blush tomatoes, and 3 types of cheese that I bought in the morning: a soft spanish manchego, a strong cheese from Wicklow called Coolea and a Porter Cheddar cheese (made with Guinness). We could eat the third one, but decided to leave for tomorrow.

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